• Ride Crazy: The Single Man March
    Ride Crazy: The Single Man March

    To commemorate the one year anniversary of Camilo's ride, Tonekat Productions is happy to announce the arrival of Ride Crazy: The Single Man March on DVD! People from all over the world have e-mailed us, asking where they could see the film and now there's finally a way! And for those of you who have seen it, the DVD version is a completely new cut of the film! The new cut, which runs at 63 minutes, also boasts clearer audio and a brand-new soundtrack!

    In addition, your purchase will include a donation in your name to your choice of: Wounded Warrior Project or Paws For Purple Hearts.

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    Ride Crazy Tee

    Limited Edition 100% Cotton "Ride Crazy" Tee-Shirt.

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    Kitty Literate: Volume One by Kitty Martin

    "Kitty Literate: Volume One" is a collection of short stories and poetry, partially inspired by real-life events. In the vein of David Sedaris, the short stories are meant to put a smile on your face and entertain. Any effects of enlightenment or inspiration are purely coincidental and not necessarily the intent of the author.

  • The Electrical Fire
    The Electrical Fire "Bubble Moon" (Limited Edition CD)

    Bubble Moon is The Electrical Fire's second album and the first to feature original lyrics and vocals by Anthony Barounis. A stylistically diverse collection of songs, Bubble Moon is a record of optimism and nostalgia whose appeal is wide-ranging.

    All pre-orders for physical CDs will receive a code for immediate digital download of the album, as well as Star Stuff?, a bonus disc of covers recorded during the Bubble Moon sessions.